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CHRYSANTHEMUM X morifolium - Florists Chrysanthemum
Chrysanthemum x morifolium - Florists Chrysanthemum
 CHRYSANTHEMUM X morifolium Florists Chrysanthemum Zones 5-9
 kris-an’the-mum môr-i-fo’le-um Perennial Easy

Asteraceae; native to China.

Germination: In spring or summer, sow outdoors up to 2 months before frost and barely cover the seed. For best results, sow indoors, leave the seeds uncovered and maintain 68-70° F within the medium. Germination takes 10-15 days; blooms arrive 4 months from sowing.

Growth: In spring or summer, space 12 inches apart in part shade in normal garden soil. Pinch early to encourage plants to become more bushy. Keep evenly moist and feed moderately. Mums transplant easily and benefit from the use of a slow-release fertilizer. Mulch for winter. Indoors, grow in cool green house in full sun with soil kept moist. Mums initiate blooms on long nights and have to be shaded to bloom in late spring and summer.

Appearance and Use: One of the earliest fall-flowering perennials for the garden, Mums are loved for cut flowers, and are ideal for borders, containers, and greenhouse growth. Upright perennials, 12-21 inches tall and up to 12 inches wide with 1/2-inch to 1-inch blooms of bronze, yellow, gold, orange, white, pink, red, and lavender from September to November. The flower can have a variety of forms: cactus, incurved, spider, daisy, anemone, pompom, spoon, and quill.


Gardeners' Quotes

"Plants vary in their heat stress tolerance, not only from species to species, but also from cultivar to cultivar. In addition, unusual seasons-fewer or more hot days than normal-will invariably affect results in your garden, as will extremely dry or humid conditions," Dr. H. Marc Cathey, with Linda Bellamy, Heat-zone Gardening, How to choose plants that thrive in your region’s warmest weather.