AMARANTHUS tricolor - Summer Poinsettia, Joseph’s Coat, Love Lies-Bleeding, Princess Feather
Amaranthus tricolor - Summer Poinsettia, Joseph’s Coat, Love Lies-Bleeding, Princess Feather

 AMARANTHUS tricolor, A. caudatus , A. creuntus Summer Poinsettia, Joseph’s Coat, Love Lies-Bleeding, Princess Feather 
 am-å-ran’thus try’kull-lûr  Annual  Easy

Amaranthaceae; native to †he Tropics, India, and the Philippines.

Germination: For best results, sow indoors 3 to 4 weeks before planting outdoors. Leave the seeds uncovered, and maintain a temperature of 70-75° F. Or sow outdoors after danger of frost has past, leaving seed uncovered. Indoors or outdoors, germination takes 10-15 days.

Growth: Space seedlings 12-24 inches apart in full sun. Amaranthus grows in any soil, but prefers one that is rich and well-drained. Water sparingly –– once established, the plants will not tolerate wet soil. Indoors, grow on at 65° F nights and 80-85° F days, in full light and moist, well-drained soil.

Appearance and Use: Brightly colored plants, 2-6 feet tall and 1-2 feet wide, may require staking. Tiny, insignificant flowers may be erect or drooping in tassel-like spikes of red or purple, blooming from midsummer till frost. Colorful foliage plants are used for barriers, borders, beds, or houseplants. The foliage may be dried; A. tricolor is sometimes eaten as Tampala.A. cruentus. Tan and cinnamon-colored foliage.A. tricolor. Red, green, and yellow foliage.A. caudatus. Red foliage.


Gardeners' Quotes


This was the goal of the leaf and the root.
For this did the blossom burn its hour.
This little grain is the ultimate fruit.
This is the awesome vessel of power.

For this is the source of the root and the bud...
World unto world unto world remolded.
This is the seed, compact of God,
Wherein all mystery is enfolded.
Georgie Starbuck Galbraith, The New York Times, 1960